Key Illustrators


Who were the key illustrators of Ladybird books from that period?

Martin Aitchison:

Worked for Ladybird for almost thirty years, and illustrated books for series as diverse as Key Words (Series 641), Lives of the Great Composers (Series 662) and Puddle Lane (Series 855).

Robert Ayton:

Illustrated many of Ladybird’s ‘Golden Age’ titles such as books in Achievements (Series 601) and Hobbies (Series 633).

John Berry:

Between 1961 and 1978, John Berry illustrated twenty-five Ladybird books, most notably People at Work (series 606B) and The Ladybird Book of London (series 618).

John Kenney:

Illustrator of Tootles the Taxi (series 413) and many of the titles in Adventures from History (series 633).

B.H Robinson:

Illustrated many books in the Achievements (series 601) and How it Works (series 654) series.

Charles Tunnicliffe:

Illustrator of many classic Ladybird natural history titles including the What to Look For books (Series 536).

H Wingfield:

Illustrated many of Ladybird’s most popular titles including Key Words (Series 641), Well-loved Tales (Series 606D) and Learning with Mother (Series 702).